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“Come, Join, Be a Part and Discover the Future of your Children”

        The National Research Council's study "Preventing Reading and Learning Difficulties in Young Children" states that children who are exposed to learning and reading at an early age make the symbol/language connection more accurately and are more likely to be learning the language much faster. This very fact has given us the drive to provide a platform for children for a better future.

        Chinese language is on the cusp of becoming something Big. It has been identified as a language that has the potential to become an increasingly powerful means of world communication. In a world that demands the best from the best, it is imperative for young minds to learn Chinese at a tender age and from the right place. We at Chinese for smart promise you that you are at the right place at the right time and helping your children learn Chinese from Chinese for smart is one of the best things you can do for them. This is just the thing you were looking for !

        We endeavor to provide a practical and enthusiastic approach to learning for your children through a unique method of stories, vocal representation of letters, characters and words, which will also help the children get the pronunciations and intonations right. The lessons are clearly laid out, with interactive exercises, and the bottom line is it works.

        You, as a parent do not need to speak Chinese to help your children learn it. Spending little time everyday reading our colorful books or watching our animated stories, will help the children learn naturally. All of this, supplemented with a fun and engaging setting makes the learning process enjoyable. The user friendliness of the site helps children with independency of learning and also helps induce creativity at an early stage.

        We promise to give your children the best programs and materials and enhance their learning by creating a sense of own ness. This is indeed the place where Young minds meet and foster.