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General Queries  |  Technical Queries
How can I download the ChineseforSmartKids packages?
Our Packages are available for download at our Purchase Page Please note that you can purchase our products from both Paypal and ClickBank. For Thai nationals the option of paying through Paysbuy is also available.
Can I try out the software before buying it?
Sure you can. Please go to the Free Demo Page: and click “Live Demo Click Here” to run a free demonstration of our Language Package.
How many Packages do you sell?
The total no of packages that we sell are 2 which are: ChineseforSmartKids Level 1 and ChineseforSmartKids Level 2. However you get a special discount if you purchase both the packages together. Also a discount of 5 USD is available if you choose to recommend us to your friends.
How do I install the package after I have downloaded it?
Please follow the instructions given below to install your copy of the ChineseforSmartKids Language tutor:
  1. Extract the Setup from the zip file.
  2. Run "Setup.exe"
  3. Click icon "Chinese for Smart Kids" to start program.
  4. Enter your activation e-mail.
  5. Once the program loads, select Simplified or Traditional Chinese chapters
  6. Click on the chapter you want to learn.
Can I Install the CSK Language Package on a Mac?
We are very sorry but all our language Packages are exclusively designed for Windows based machines. We will be coming out with versions for the Apple iMac soon.
I might have some ideas for you. Where can I leave them?
We always welcome your suggestions and comments. Please go to our Feedback section and write your suggestion in the box given below.
I downloaded the package but can’t seem to get it running.
The most common problem is that you accidentally fed in the wrong email id while activating the software. Please use the same email id that you used while registering when you activate your copy of the ChineseforSmartKids software.
Is Chinese the only language in which the lessons are taught?
The default medium of instruction is English. That is Chinese is translated into English. However if you are a Chinese speaking person and are interested in teaching your kids English then you may simply switch to Chinese instruction.
How long will it take to go through the entire package?
This entirely depends upon you. At regular pace you might take about 2 weeks to complete the whole set. Although we specifically split the package into easily manageable lessons so that you may go through them at your own level of understanding.
What are the minimum system requirements to run the ChineseforSmartKids Language Package?
Please review the following minimum requirements for the ChineseforSmartKids System on this page.