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What inspired
Now-a-days there seems to be an upsurge in the importance of Chinese through out the world. It has been identified as a language that has the potential to become an increasingly powerful means of world communication. In a world that demands the best from the best, it is imperative for young minds to learn Chinese at a tender age and from the right place. We at Chinese for smart promise you that you are at the right place at the right time and helping your children learn Chinese from Chinese for smart is one of the best things you can do for them. This is just the thing you were looking for!
Why Should I teach my children Chinese?
Pick up any newspaper, or magazine and you will find at least one, if not more stories about the explosive growth of China in it. The fact that Chinese is fast becoming a business language is no longer anything new. You can then very well guess what importance the language will gain when your child is ready to start out on his or her professional life. Teaching them at such an early age will sow the seed of interest deep into them so that once they grow they will remain in touch with the language and also progressively master it.
I know that Chinese is important today, but isn’t it a little hard for a child to learn?
We very well understand the phobia surrounding how hard a language Chinese is to master. However we like to believe that it is only as hard as the instructor makes it. Learning is never just about receiving; how you are taught makes a big part of the equation and that is where we step in. The language packages that we have designed are incredible fun! Your child gets to learn the (supposedly) hard language by way of cartoon like animations with sounds and graphics which will stimulate his or her imagination to the fullest extent! In order to understand what we are saying we strongly recommend that you try our free demo at . After this you will have a far better idea about our commitment to giving your children a future that they truly deserve!
In what way is different from the other websites?
We recognize that there are many sites offering Chinese tutoring packages out there. But that is where the similarities end between us and them., as the name suggests was founded with the specific intention of teaching Chinese to young and bright minds from as early an age as possible. A child becomes capable of learning a language when he turns 3 years old. Knowing how children learn is given a number one priority by us. All children learn best by imitation and experiential methods. We have incorporated best practices based on these methods. Your child will enjoy the fun-filed animations with which we have designed our lessons, and so might you!
For What Age groups are the ChineseforSmartKids Language Packages designed?
The language packages were designed for the age group between 3 and 8 Years (Kindergarten).