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About Us

       We at Chinese for smart believe that Quality is not an act but a Habit. We as a unit ensure that all our endeavors are in strict alliance with this policy. Carrying a rich experience in teaching Chinese and English languages in Thailand, we know exactly what a teaching curriculum and discipline demands. We understand, therefore, we do. We understand the ways of growing kids and their inclinations. We understand their preferences and interests. We hope our experience and research and honesty brings forth the best for your children.

We ensure the following to the children and parents:

  1. We will be aware of differences in learning styles and try to build products that help you learn, in a way that suits your immediate needs;
  2. We will make certain that our curriculum meets national and state standards in so far as these standards meet the needs of a changing multicultural world;
  3. We will not confound your educational tasks with stressful or extraneous graphical elements;
  4. We will be mindful of your language and cultural differences;
  5. We will honor your family;
  6. We will make each of our lessons meaningful and beautiful and our stories very interesting.
  7. We will work hard to help you learn Chinese.

       We as a firm, hope to justify your faith in us and embark on a renaissance in learning Chinese language through this website.