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Learning Chinese language in the 21st Century
Posted by : Parth  [Monday, September 28, 2009]

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Learning the Chinese language in this day and age can be a great asset as is evident in the explosive growth of China in recent times. Almost every company and business has some sort of outsourcing of production to China because the low cost of production there. It is for this reason that companies these days prefer to hire individuals who are learned in Chinese and are capable in conversing in it.

So important is Chinese now attaining that experts are now predicting that it will become the most important language in the world after English by 2020. In fact USA has already started to witness a shortage of Chinese teachers as the demand for Chinese has increased dramatically over the past few years. Also a lot of Chinese students are studying the English language; about 200 million to be precise; while around 50 thousand students are currently enrolled in some Chinese speaking program or another in the United States. Given this obscure balance it is only valid that US has a lot of catching up to do to update its skilled work force with the requirements that they are now facing.

With so much talk about learning Chinese going on, a parent might wonder what he/she might do to secure their child’s future so that they may have a prosperous professional career. Thankfully there are plenty of tools and learning aids available today that can help a parent educate their children even if they have no prior learning in a language. Such tools are designed by experts keeping in mind the learning style best suited to children of an age.

Also it is imperative that you start early. Children become capable of learning a language when they turn 3 years of age. When you start training them early not only can you take it easy and teach them in a relaxed fashion but also you can be sure that as they grow up they will be well equipped with a very essential skill.
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