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Why you should learn to speak Chinese
Posted by : Parth  [Thursday, August 27, 2009]

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Learning how to speak Chinese is something that should not be seen lightly in the fast paced dynamic world. With more and more importance being given to China more companies are looking for people who can converse in both Chinese and English. This is especially true since all the manufacturing is being outsourced to China by almost every company out there.

If you are still considering why Chinese is becoming so sought after then consider this almost 1 billion people are speaking that language that makes it the most spoken language in the world, apart from that 200 million people in China who are learning English. In the US where the demand for learning Chinese has gone up drastically in the past few years educators are struggling to provide for enough teachers for the language. Today Chinese is being regarded as a strategically important language and stands along with Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Learning Chinese does require a little dedication as it will be so different from the usual English that you will be accustomed to as it is predominantly a tonal language, which means that the meaning of the words change with the tone with which they are pronounced. However with a good set of instructions it should become quite easy for you to go about learning the Chinese language.

Most of the tools for kids are very easy to use and are interactive. Also such tools require you to have no prior experience in Chinese language, in other words you too can learn the language apart from teaching it to your kids.

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